About 321 kill

321kill.com is proudly owned and run by the folks at Northern Standard. We wanted to have one single home for all the awesome polo videos that come online every day. This is THE online source for all bike polo videos. Check out the Videos!

How it works:

Everyday, our site (mostly using magic!… and some special coding) scours YouTube and Vimeo looking for any videos related to bike polo. It then pulls the videos into our database and presents them on the site’s homepage. The first videos you see are the latest additions. Now, since we launched this site well after bike polo videos starting coming online, there are many we dont have. As such, we will constantly add “older” videos to the site. Which means that you may see “older” videos appearing as new videos. Dont be alarmed!

How to find videos:

Since videos are added chronologically, it’s easy for some to get buried deep in the site. To deal with this, we have added a handy search bar on the right nav. The search bar will start popping up results (with thumbnails) after the first few characters are typed.


We have added Facebook “Like” functionality to all of the videos. Each Like, will make a video more popular. The most liked videos will appear in the “Top Rated” section (see link at the top nav). If you Like a video, you can also share it in your FB feed for all of your friends to enjoy. We have even added the ability to FB comment directly on a video’s page. All comments will appear in your FB feed. Finally, you can also tweet, email, G+, etc. to share amongst your other social channels.

Clicking on the “Hot” button in the top nav will display a list of the most watched videos on this site. So, if you want to know what the poloverse is watching, click there.

Have we missed any videos?

If a polo video is missing, please let us know. Better yet, email us the URL and we will promptly add it to the site.


We do not own or make claim to have produced any of the videos on our site – unless otherwise noted on a specific video. We do not download or rip any of the videos, nor do we store or move any of the videos to our server(s). If you are the owner of a video and would like it removed from our site, please email us and we will remove it immediately