KANTOIKRIT Kriteriuma 2014

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This is the official video of KANTOIKRIT Kriterium 2014 edition.

Was awesome the atmosphere on the streets of Oñati during the kriterium. The riders they gave everything pushing hard with the support of all the passionate fans placed all over the circuit.
They have participated 36 riders, of which only 15 were able to finish the race. We must point out the participation of the first woman!
This edition was the first with an international participation, with great riders from France, Germany, the U.S. and throughout the state.


1 Timothé Ceresa_______________8bar
2 Stefan Schott_________________8bar
3 Jon Ander Arakamas
4 Maxe Faschine 8bar _______________
5 Fernando Menéndez___________Polo & Bike Original Fixed
6 Luis Cordon
7 Jaime Garcia
8 Oriol Cañizar RAW Cycling Mag _________________
9 Armand Paul Quiroz____________RAW Cycling Mag
10 William Rodriguez___________Legor cicli / Santa Catalina
11 Iñigo Mugarza
12 Roberto Ideologies
13 ash Azkune
14 Senen Fernandez
15 Daniel Rey del Hoyo

LAP FIRST PRIME: Timothé Ceresa_8bar

Most of the national and international riders were surprised with the support and passion of the fans, and they insisted that there is not any critérium in the world with the characteristics that KANTOIKRIT has.

We are already working on the 2015 edition, see you next year!