S.H.I.T. VII Teaser

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That’s not butterflies in your tummy, there’s a S.H.I.T brewing and it’s in Scotland for a change!

The Scottish Hardcourt Intercity Tournament of Bike Polo is now 7 and to celebrate Glasgow Bike Polo invites you to a weekend of mediocre polo and epic fun.

Friday night (13th) there’s an Alleycat around our dear green city, no doubt followed by refreshments. Saturday 14th there will be a tournament in the awesome Mansfield Park, followed by buffet and capped off by something; dancing, or something. Sunday there’s a BBQ and chilled out throwins at our cozy court on the South Side.
As we only have one court 10ish teams is the most we can really accommodate in one day.
We encourage players looking for a relaxed non-competitive tournament environment to come take part.

Hope to see you there!