This Is 40 – UglyTechâ„¢ Part Doo

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Well, it’s March and I’m turning the big 4-0 this month. Never thought I’d be this age and still riding a little kid’s bike, but it’s what I do. I thought by this time I’d be wearing khakis, a polo shirt and a cellphone belt clip talking about my kids. Listening to Dave Matthews band and drinking wine coolers. But instead I’m wearing skinny jeans, BMX t-shirts and trying to be STREET AS FUCK. I don’t have kids, but I have a couple of dogs. I listen to rap music as loud as I can… and I drink PBR.

Some of these clips were used in other edits… but FUCK IT, VATO…

Thing about being 40 is I still love BMX to my core. It’s one of the rare things in my life that make me feel like myself. For me it’s a creative endeavor – a way to connect to that part that of me that doesn’t get to come out often in the world of 40-yr. old, daily bullshit.

Anyway, this is my freestyle BMX riding. I hope y’all enjoy my little edit. Thank you to my love – Jennette – my friends and my family. I love you all for supporting what I must do.