Torrid 2013- Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament

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This is the way i saw this tournament. At first I didn’t know what to believe about the whole thing, this crazy awkward-looking sport. It was the first time i was seeing it played, and i really didn’t know what to expect. What i found was this amazing group of passionate people, passionate about life and their sport. It was an amazing atmosphere of friendship and familiarity even though most of us there where strangers to each other. I can honestly say that there is a lot more to this sport than meets the eye, i came to appreciate it’s uniqueness and subtleties.
As the Bike Polo bug apparently bit me, like any apprentice does, i have to craft my sword aka polo mallet and join the fun. I advice you do the same… 3…2…1… POLO!

Music by: Dunkelbunt – Black Eyed Sea (Ft. Amsterdam Klezmer Band)
Ramones- Let’s dance